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DORA, 2018.

In all black composite

DORA 2018
Dimensions variable​. Edition of 300.
"Named after the woman that introduced me to the world of plants at an early age, my grandmother Dora. 
As a concept, for this series of functional objects, Dora is a table that braces a container at the center; as it seeks to incorporate plants into our living environment and the topic of conversation". 

Functional objets d'art of robust construction designed to last a lifetime with 3/4 inch thickness on all legs and table tops without glue or screws needed for assembly. 

All parts are interchangable within the series, and different materials can be combined.
Tops are available in three sizes. 22", 20" and 18" in diameter.

Designed by Francisco De La Torre for Butter Design Studio and made at our atelier in the United States.

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